Totino's pizza rolls
Bucking Couch Bowl XVI
Twitch Livestream
Totino's was looking to stand out amoungst internet gamers and the solution was obvious–stuff a mechanical bull inside a couch, and let fans online control it. So we teamed up with Twitch—the online community where people watch other people play video games—to create the Bucking Couch Bowl. We recruited Twitch’s biggest influencers and gave their fans the power to buck them. All they had to do was type in the chatroom, to control our couch.

The result were 3.5 hours of pure mayhem, 1.8 million minutes of viewing time, and the #1 spot on Reddit–which is exactly what you hope will happen when you strap a couch to a mechanical bull and put it on the internet.

Totino's pizza rolls
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